Suggestion: notify option to email designers we need help & to email members re: replies


It seems that requests for member support can go for several weekdays without acknowledgement or response.

Would it make sense to have an email option to speed the communication process?

Here is a worst-case (hopefully) example:

  • drmike
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    Just to throw this out, I've been finding myself passing over a lot of threads recently. Thanks to certain medical issues recently as well as the closing of our libraries at 7 instead of 9, I'm down to a 4 hour day, 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Now I'm not point any fingers at anyone but 1) a link and 2) a check of the webserver's error logs isn't college physics here but yet I type that request out more often than I not. Since my typing is rather poor (edit: Just took me three tries to type out 'rather' there) I would rather spend my time actually helping folks than having to type out "Have you checked your webserver's error logs?" over and over again.

    And considering that a good portion of the recent threads concern CSS and I really suck at those. I go right by those.

    Add to that I have to somehow work in my required 56 hours of weekly support with my own hosting, 2 hours a day of walking, volunteerism, bloodwork, and much more, it's frustrating to come across "It's broken. How fix?" We've had a few of those and again I:m not pointing fingers (One of the reasons why I'm ticked over the recent "Hey, lets move the mu forums over to the main site and completely ignore three+ years of answers! Damn, that's such a good idea! Now Andrea and others can reanswer the same questions over again!") but I know forums where if you don;t give a link, you have to kick in 5 bucks to the monthly charity. Folks learn that really fast.

    And, yes, I see the need to write up a "How to ask a question" sticky. Considering though what was in the readme file is no longer, we only longer have a debugging page that folks can be pointed to.

    Enough ranting. Only got an hour left anyway.

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