Suggestion: Purging Of Unused Blogs

To save loads of database space, some sort of plugin that would purge unused / inactive blogs would be very, very helpful. Ideally it would:

Send a notification email to blogs xx days before deletion.

Mark blog as inactive if not posted on in xx days (so that you can recover in event of reclaim).

Purge blogs if never posted on (other than default post) after xx days.

Purge blogs that haven’t been updated in xx days.

I’m sure most hosts have at least half their databases filled with unused blogs, this would be a great resource saver and much easier than searching / deleting manually from wp-admin.

  • Andrew
    • Champion of Loops

    To be flat out honest, this really isn’t something i’m interested in developing. Rarely do I release anything that deletes data. If there were to be an error that caused legitimate blogs to be removed then we’d be responsible.



  • uol
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I’ve been discussing the growing use of WPMU with IT staff at the university where I work and one of their biggest concerns is the annual growth of inactive blogs as thousands of students come and go. We’d be interested in a script/plugin that does what stutley’s script does but, even better, exports the blog to XML first, emails it to the user and keeps a local copy for archiving and legal compliance!

    We could probably pay for such a thing if anyone is interested?

  • invulu
    • New Recruit

    I still think a way to quickly purge old/unused blogs from multisite would be very helpful. I have a WPMU site where people can sign up for a free blog, then upgrade their blog for more memory/features using Pro Sites.

    Despite using Anti-Splog, many of the users that sign up for the blog just don’t use their blog. Each blog that is setup consumes considerable server resources… so I end up with a bunch of free and unused blogs that are just consuming my hosting resources.

    A plugin that could detect blogs that haven’t been updated in several months (or ever), alert you of unused blogs and then have the option to delete those blogs would be helpful. I understand @Andrew‘s concerns regarding deleting data, but I am referring to free accounts with no data of value on these blogs. I can do it manually, but it seems there could be a more efficient way of doing it.

    The WPMU Power Tools plugins seems to no longer be in existence.

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