Suggestion: Reader has inline CSS for non-logged in users

Hi there!

Note: For once, I haven’t looked into the code :slight_smile:.

I’m a page speed freak and I was wondering if it would be possible to remove the inline CSS from the reader plugin (which isn’t used anyway when you’re logged out) so Google will love us more? <3

I know there’s one scenario (haven’t tested it) that the “follow” button will be shown (probably redirecting you to the login page), but if that’s set to “false” I think it would be perfectly understandable to remove the inline-CSS. This scenario would be the “Display follow button for: Logged in and logged out users”.

There’s one bug that will follow: Administrator (or not) caching, however that could easily be solved with a button instead of automatically removing the CSS.

Once again, just a suggestion – extremely low priority. Have a great day!