Suggestion: Theme groups/folders

I bet alot of you, like me, have alot of themes for your users to choose from. I find themes on, here and on other sites. All themes that looks good and can be used on WPMU are basically added for my international WPMU-site. It's more complicated for my Swedish WPMU-site as I will have to translate them which I do by editing code.

Anyway, to the subject.

I think a plugin that groups themes would be great. So when a user go to select a theme he/she can see folders with different types of themes. "Dark themes", "light themes" or "All themes" if he/she wants to see them all.

This way a user that knows what he/she's looking for can find it easier. If you have alot of themes it will be alot easier for the user.

I imagine a functionality that lets you add theme-groups and then in Site Admin -> Themes you can select the group in the "Active" column in the display instead of simply selecting yes or no. Possibly through a rolldown menu (I guess some themes would be in more than 1 group tho?).

What do you think? Would anyone else use a plugin like this?