(SUGGESTION) Total Views each user plugin

I couldn’t find the form to submit a suggestion for a new plugin and get votes, where is it?!

Anyways, I have an idea for a good plugin that I don’t think anyone is doing and one that I think would prove very popular.

Socialising on our WordPress Blogs is becoming more and more important. We offer our users more and more ways to register, but once they are a member, they don’t have much to do. We can allow them to make a post on our site, but what are we giving them back in return? Well, this is where my idea comes in.

The site would have a database for the members, and on the Author Bio bit, there can be a section that shows the rating of the user’s posts which calculates an overall rating on average from the ratings recieved on all articles written by that person. This can be used with any ratings plugin?

Also, a total view count, allowing the user to see how many views overall their articles have. The more articles they write, the more views they get.

Then, we have a page as a Highscore table. One for All time, and one for monthly and maybe weekly. We can offer prizes to whoever gets the top spot each month, such as cash via PayPal. Imagine how many people will want to submit a new article on your site, plus they will want to do lots in order to get the most views and win the cash prize.

What does everyone think?