Suggestion: Video Plugin

Just a quick mention of a decent Video Plugin I came across due to a suggestion made by one of my clients:

It supports about 20 different sites. Many mainstream and some speciality ones as well.

If you want to grab very poorly written docs, feel free to grab them from here:


    You know, with the ability to add tabs under the upload window one could probably make a form that inserts the stuff in the window for the user.

    For example, a drop down list to select the type (youtube, yahoo, etc), and then a text box for the ID.

    Clicking the button would send the code right to the editor, without the hassle of users mucking things up. (And you know they will, lol.)

    Other than that, great find Doc. Looks to be much better than some of the other crap out there.
    (Not to mention that the videos aren't hosted locally.)