Suggestion: WPMUDev Plugin Updates

This is a suggestion that I think would benefit the users as well as wpmudev.

It's sometimes hard to know when MU-plugins are updated, unless you read every thread and every post on this forum. It would be real cool to have a plugin to do it for you. It would be displayed in the dashboard or a menu uption that wpmu admins can check now and then.

I would like to have the plugin check and see when a MU plugin (from is updated and alert me when that happens. So when I see that, I can just go on here and download the latest version.

Automatic update is out of the question since former members then would be able to update. But this would be good for you guys too. If a former member see that a mu-plugin is updated he/she might sign back up.

And ofcourse, it would be a great service to the premium members. I check this site every day and I still miss out on updates. I was searching the premium plugin pages for "2009-7" right now to check for updates and thought that there could be a better way...

You think it could be done?