You are the experts and I am just beginning. So, IF you have time and IF you don't mind, can you look at this Blogs MU site and give me any design critiques and/or suggestions for flaws/improvements you might see? A few features require student passwords, but the shell site is visible.

If you have any ideas, I'd truly appreciate them. This is the first website I've ever arranged/designed.

  • Timothy Bowers

    I see you changed the item I mentioned in email. :slight_smile:

    Something else I might personally look at would be shortening the footer widgets a little. Maybe not as many links.

    If everyone coming to your site will already know what it is about then great. If you expect people to find you from search engines then maybe some kind of "About Us" page or if there is one then linked to more clearly.

    Better yet some short "This is us intro" on the home page, I have to be honest when first looking I'm not entirely sure what the site is about. If I were surfing the web looking for something then generally if I don't see what I want or info to tell me what a site is about within 10 seconds then I personally click off most of the time. That is similar for many.

    Of course if your target audience which use the site will know, then that isn't needed.

    Take care.

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