Suggestions for a new feature/plugin (user management)

Hi I just have a suggestion for a feature/plugin.

I been searching a lot on the internet for a easy and nice way way to being able manage and to disable users in WP MU, but it doesn’t seem that there is no real solution to it.

It would be really useful if you had a feature that you could disable users on admin level, as you do not always wish to delete users which could be everything from users that are employees of the firm that are on leave, to suppliers that have been given access to do support to being in compliance by law to keep your records of your current and former customers or whatever reasons people may have etc.

In some of those mentioned cases/scenarios you wish to keep their current users rights and not edit to reedit later which it time consuming etc. It would be much easier to just disable the account and that’s it, and have maybe some kind of quick overview showing disabled vs active accounts.

I seems that wordpress themselves thinks that this should not be included a core feature as of and the offers out there is limited like which is unclear if multisite is included and supported.

I think this would be a very good think that many multisite users of WPMU Dev would appreciate and buy including myself as a paying member of your company. I imagine that this would be a quite easy and quick thing for your guys to make a write up of code to a neat plugin and put in your list of products.

Thanks for reading my idea/suggestion!

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