Suggestions for features and improvement

Recognising that J&E is a new application, and that you guys are very busy creating and maintaining a host of other plugins and software, I make the following suggestions in the hope that it may be of help in maturing the product.

1. Include thumbnails in job listings (jbp-job-archive). Size can be 70x70 or similar, and only show on lg and md blocks (maybe on sm too).

2. Change one of image uploads for jobs to featured image. This allows WP to automatically draw on that image as thumbnail and also use in single listing.

3. Allow thumbs for job categories and use them when no image present.

4. Display expired for jobs on listing page and not just on single page. That way, an expert can decide whether or not he/she wants to view the item.

5. Add file upload and bid price text field to job contact form. Or create a project management module that allows job posters and experts to keep track of jobs, bidders, progress (when awarded) and sign off on completion or milestones.

6. Show thumbnails of uploaded images instead of image icon. Make entire area clickable and not just that small "i" in the top right hand corner. For files, icons representing file type can be used.

7. Allow logged out users to post a job but require an email and new password (basically sign up) at bottom of form.

8. Add rating to expert profiles instead of just "likes".

9. Give users option in admin panel to set number of days job can be open

10. Add option for experts to save or favourite job for later viewing.

11. Add "Job Location" to job form so user can provide city location (applicable where jobs are not virtual but require site visit)

12. Contact email shouldn't be required for job form as user is already logged in. Just grab their email (get_currentuserinfo)

If anything else comes to mind I'll let you know. Hope you'll be able to act on these.

- Andrew