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Team WPMU,

This one's pretty basic - I would like a White Label version of AddToAny.

So, sharing buttons at top and/or bottom of posts and pages, with an individual page or post override. Optional floating social bar (with real icons, not the deprecated ones with the counts it currently has). Mobile responsive. Tied to Google Social Analytics as click events.

I know that AddToAny exists - and it's really good. But, it's not white label (though, thankfully, it doesn't have 50 million adds and upsells in it).

It would be very nice to have a social sharing plugin that is up to modern standards -- in looks and function -- that is white label.


  • jetmac
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    Sadly, Floating Social is the one I'm writing about. It's nothing compared to the other offerings by AddThis or AddToAny (the best of the bunch IMO).

    Floating Social's styling and use paramaters are all terribly dated. It doesn't tie into analytics (i.e. pair with the WPMU Google Analytics Plugin). It's a mess -- another plugin brought to 80% and left.

    Please encourage the developers to make this plugin feasible again. As it is, it's unusable. Which is why no one is using it...

    Chicken and the egg, as I just discussed with Vaughan .

    I would love to have a viable, white label, social sharing plugin that is at a modern standard.


    P.S. Don't wait on a +1 -- just go for it. I would gladly switch from AddToAny to a white lable WPMU version that had the same capability and integrated to other plugins (like a renewed Google Analytics or Reports). I'm certain I'm not the only one.

  • Tyler Postle
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    Hey Rob,

    I totally see where you're coming from here. There is no denying that Floating Social isn't on the same level as AddToAny or AddThis.

    Dedicating the amount of developer and QA time to get Floating Social to that level is a huge consideration for us, because it means something else won't be getting that attention. I wish we could have the best of both worlds but unfortunately we need to do what will make the highest percentage of our members happy and keep new ones coming in(we have some awesome updates/releases on the way).

    Floating Social doesn't fit that criteria right now.

    These are my least favorite posts to do because I'd love for Floating Social to get a massive update that brings it up to speed with the major plugins of the same category out there too, but I know that it would likely result in less happy members in the long run with what would need to be sacrificed in order to make that happen.

    Sorry I couldn't have better news for you regarding Floating Social. I do hope that at least brings some more light to the "why" instead of it simply not getting enough "+1's" on these posts, we track tons of stats on this kind of stuff that we base decisions on - while +1's definitely helps, it's not the only metric we look for.


  • jetmac
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    Thank you very much for the response, Tyler Postle ,

    I understand this plugin in particular is not the highest on your list of priorities right now, but I do hope it is somewhere on them.

    What I would truly like to start seeing from WPMU is for you all to start a) updating these things and keeping them at a current standard and -- perhaps more importantly! -- b) ensuring these plugins connect with each other in a cohesive plugin ecosphere.

    I think Ultimate Branding is a great example of this, and should serve as a thought template for other offerings -- a series of Ultimate Tools, as it were. If Floating Social was combined with Social Marketing -- but also "talked" to the Reports plugin, so data could be extracted and understood -- then that would be a very viable tool, both to network managers and website users.

    While my info into the workings of your company is limited, I think that you are probably a bit behind the 8 ball on this concept. You have a lot of nice little individual tools, but few that actually integrate and work together into a more complete solution. I hope this changes as WPMU moves along it's new path. Hummingbird and Defender are taking more of a "suite" approach and I would love to see that thinking carried forward into comprehensive Marketing, Communication, and Business tools.

    Thanks for getting back to me, and I urge you to keep the paying subscribers appraised of your development intentions and progress. Maybe we can help.


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