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Team WPMU,

You've got blog activity, user activity, google analytics, Pro-sites, Member Pro, Post voting, eNewsletter opens and click, user reports, reports -- and maybe a few more.

And nothing ties any of these together.

Can we get an "All The Data" plugin that brings all of this together into a coordinated dashboard?

For example, we can track a user as they move across the network using GA. We can tell if they signed up to a form (Subscribe form), which also gives us a contact identity -- now we have a name and an action.

The could be sent automated emails via eNewsletter (if drip is integrated) and it knows if they opened and clicked on them. We can also tell if they joined the site later as a paying member. Even if as a free member, which we could then track their progress to upgrading. Or if they bought something in the storefront.

All of this data is available and all of it is captured by plugins you already have -- but none of them talk to each other and provide any business metrics.

Heck, I can't even sort my Pro-Sites or Members via their membership level, as it currently stands. Nor can I segregate email lists with eNewsletter by member level, only by WP role.

But, the system knows all of this information. It's all gathered and stored. It just that nothing coordinates it.

I would like to see a Reports plugin that actually gathers all of this generated information and puts it into a dashboard, all the way down to the individual member/contact.

Why pay for LeadIn or Hubspot when the plugins the site is using already gather all of the same information?

Let's bring that info together and put it to use. Please overhaul "Reports".


  • Nastia

    Hello there jetmac

    Thank you for all these great suggestions! I hope this will get enough plus +1 from other members of our community!


    Heck, I can't even sort my Pro-Sites or Members via their membership level, as it currently stands.

    In Membership 2 Pro, you can sort members by their Memberships. Navigate to Membership 2 > All Members, and select from the top bar, the membership you wish to show users for:

    Nor can I segregate email lists with eNewsletter by member level, only by WP role.

    The Membership 2, has integration with MailChimp, where you can add a member to a separate list.

    I hope this helps!


  • jetmac

    Nastia ,

    Good to know about Membership and MailChimp -- will surely help some out. Sadly, Pro-Sites doesn't.

    With the seeming movement on WPMU's part to go to larger scale management with their plugins (The Hub, Hummingbird, Defender), a functional dashboard that collates user information for business targeting is right along those lines. Maybe said dashboard could even be integrated into The Hub...?

    WPMU plugins gather the information -- we just need a way to bring it all together in a way that's useful.

    More than anything, I would love to see WPMU start to look at their individual plugins, acknowledge that many should play better together, and then start combining them for synergy and maximum effect.

    We don't need 6 plugins to try and get reports -- we just need one, and it should gather up any information that the plugins in the WPMU ecosphere produce.

    Just like pairing eNewsletter, HTML Email, Auto Message, and Subscription together (suggested in an earlier thread today), reports should be looking at the same line of thinking. As should Support, Easy Blogging, and Video Tutorials. Or Status and BP Activity+.

    All of this capability exists at WPMU -- who is responsible for bringing it together?

    Please don't hide behind "if anyone will +1" -- we know these integrations and updates need to happen. Let's just get them done. I'm willing to test and assist as best I can -- many of the other long time users are as well.

    We can do this. We SHOULD do this. So let's do it.


  • Nastia

    Hello Rob, I trust you are doing well today!

    I'm more than agree with you that the Report plugin could show more information.

    All I can say, that combining the plugins together, it's not an easy task. Plus, combining all these features in one plugin, when some may not be useful to all users, may affect the site's speed and performance.

    I believe this need deeper thought and more clear planning, all of this will be based on our members' requests. This is the main reason why we are asking to add "+1" at the feature request, so we could have a clear picture what are our members' needs. This really helps to set our proirities.

    And we do keep track of all features requests in our forums :slight_smile:

    I hope you have a nice day!


  • jetmac

    Nastia ,

    Thanks for the reply, always appreciated.

    I'm sure it isn't easy, and, I'm sure it does require a good bit of thought and planning -- no denying that, for sure. If it were easy, I would have done it myself :wink:

    However, others are already doing this -- Inbound and LeadIn are prime examples. They are doing it for WordPress. They are doing it as part of a marketing suite, with plugins and emails and site tracking and CMS.

    Members have been requesting plugin updates to stay current with other offerings for years -- eNewsletter is a prime example. In 2013 I asked about an Ultimate eMail, combining your email plugins into a complete solution -- it was back burnered. Back in 2014 a member requested basic updates -- drip email, separation by Pro-Site level, etc. She was denied (and that conversation is on the front page of Google Results for "wpmu enewsletter", btw, so that's not good). That client left for Mail Poet, which had those features. Now, two years later, still no progress on that front (and I know people keep asking about it in these forums, myself included). I just went to Mail Chimp for eMail -- couldn't keep waiting for WPMU.

    I cant get decent reports from WPMU -- so I went to LeadIn. I'd love to use a WPMU plugin, and I would certainly love to offer my clients a white label Marketing/Lead/Sales/Reporting tool that is included in their site and service. But, I can't -- no white label system exists. WPMU has all of the pieces, but they don't connect.

    There is a time when waiting on what members request is a dead proposition. They stop asking when you continue to deny requests and show inaction. They simply go to other services. Maybe they'll come back, maybe not.

    I'm tied in to the ProSites architecture, so I'm not going anywhere. However, I would surely like to see improvement in these plugins year after year.

    And, I would like to see more complete tools -- I don't know of anyone who wants half a reporting tool. Or half an email solution.

    I would urge you to look more at your competitors than at the +1s. Most of us don't have the time to wait, or the energy to continue to cajole you to maintain your edge. We need solutions.

    Please give this some real thought. I would, truly, like to be reading a blog post about how WPMU is going to get these plugins back in decent shape and working order. They really are needed. I don't want to have to cobble solutions together from multiple plugins across myriad subscriptions -- and I sure as heck don't want to tell my clients that's what they have to do. Not when there is a shop capable -- and with a vested interest -- in putting these solutions together.

    Thanks again for all of your efforts, and I hope to hear good news about these plugins soon.


  • Nastia

    Hello Rob,

    I hope you are doing well today!

    We have taken into account all that has been said here and we are reviewing the Features & Feedback forums continuously. If a feature request has a big demand we consider it for development.

    I understand the need for a report plugin that gather all the information from all the plugins being used by users. I also would like to see the Report plugin doing such a great thing, that would be amazing!

    I would like to see what other member have to say about it!

    Thank you for being a valuable member in our community!

    Kind Regards,

  • Sajid

    Hi jetmac,
    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    As mentioned in the reply of other thread, we have not heard back from the developer regarding this feature. However, what I can tell, this plugin is not in the current active development list so its unlikely that we would add this feature any time soon. I am not saying it would not happen at all, just can't provide an ETA at the moment.

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

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