Suggestions for the Status Plugin

Team WPMU,

Now that Embeds -- even WordPress post embeds -- are more prevalent, I think this plugin is ready for a comeback.

My users have asked about this capability, but there were issues that were insurmountable at the time. Perhaps now technology has improved enough to make another go.

Previously when using this plugin, the main problems were:

a) CSS issues with posting (it worked much like BP Activity+ -- which needs its own overhaul in this regard).

b) Meta data for posting -- no way to tie in featured image, excerpt, or category from the entry form, so sharing content generated with Status socially got wonky in a hurry.

c) Entering/Editing Status Post title was not intuitive - sounds small but caused a lot of confusion (and frustration) in testing.

d) Compatible with BP Site Tracking -- there were a number of issues from this when I tested it previously, mainly CSS and meta-data related. Basically, it didn't come out that great, especially in light of the lack of oEmbed (which would be fantastic to integrate into BP Activity+).

e) Social media integration, specifically FB and Twitter. While this capability exists for WP in multiple ways, the ability to submit just Status entered updates directly to social media from the entry form would be pretty sweet.

I think there is a real use case for a more tumblr style/micro-blogging interface in the WP/BP space, and now that oEmbed is maturing, it might be the time for it. My users certainly voiced a desire for this capability.

For many, a full blog post is intimidating and they would be more likely to post through their site via a Status like interface if it worked well.

Something to consider.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Rob,

    You're on the ball with these requests tonight. As i've stated previously though, I can't makeany guarantees, I will certainly put this to the team though. I think a lot of these plugins could certainly do with rejuvinating, it's finding time and the developers to actually do this as they are particularly focussed on the bigger plugins currently as they are more popular and frequently used by a morebigger audience.

    But either way, we'll see how popular the requests are and if something can be done with the plugins.


  • jetmac
    • Recruit

    Vaughan ,

    Hey, what can I say -- once a year I just gotta hit the refresh button on all of this stuff and check into the development well. Much of my own site needs are integrated with these "potential" plugins.

    As we've both discussed before, it's a "chicken and the egg" kinda thing. The "big" plugins get refershed and promoted, while the smaller "niche" plugins get left behind. Obviously, the downloads and usage will follow.

    The use case for Status wasn't very big when it was developed, but now things are different. Look at services like BookLikes, which are practically nothing more than a Multisite install mixed with the Status plugin, WP Reviews, and a generous dash of CSS and an ad system overlay. All they did was clean up the CSS and fix the metadata issue. You guys could have done that for Status two years ago easily. And, with current oEmbed in place, could have really jumped past it. Pairing it with BP Activty+ would very likely have been transformative to the market.

    As with everything, a use case needs to be presented to us site admins and the execution competent. Many of these "niche" plugins were not taken to their necessary conclusion. Site Runners like me got tired of waiting and went to specialized services that met the need.

    But, for site managers like myself, an integrated solution that is white labelled is FAR more useful than saying "yeah, we have the XYZ Plugin that, by the way, you can get for free on your own."

    A white label system that looks like it's native has value. Real value.

    To be honest, the price for WPMU just lowered and, of course I took advantage of that. But, I would have gladly paid double if it meant these plugins would have been funded to be cleaned up and put to real service for me.

    Of the 140 plugins you have, I only get real value out of, what, 10? All of these others are potentials. I could be jumping into other businesses, but I can't -- because WPMU doesn't finish and maintain the niche plugins, and no one else has the backing or infrastructure to handle it.

    Where else are we going to go? BuddyDev? WeDocs?

    Only you guys have ever dared to tackle these use cases. If only they could get finished.

    Anyway, I live in hope...

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    I'll raise some of these questions in our team meeting tomorrow, and see if we can get some discussion going on it, as I can certainly agree with many of your points, ultimately it's a management decision in the end, but i think it's worth trying if possible to rejuvinate them.


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