Suggestions on getting set up

I've been eyeing WPMU for a while, and after striking out somewhat with plugins that are compatible, but not made for MU (plus the sale) here I am. I'm really impressed with the sheer number of plugins but I'd love a little feedback on using the right ones for my purposes.

I'm using WPMU to create a database where certain information in each post is public, certain information is for members only.

1. I'd like to wrap certain information on various blogs in the single install in tags or shortcodes and have it displayed only to logged in members. The password protected post plugin is part of the way there in functionality, but not quite what I'm looking for since I don't want people to have to enter passwords for each post. Is there something between this and the supporter plugin to make this scenario work?

2. Ideally I'd like to push it even further by being able to decide which member levels have access. for example, if I have supporter levels 1, 2 and 3, being able to say level 2 and 3 supporters can read this content, but not level 1.