Suggestions on what modules to control my plan?

Ok -- we are going to do some crowd funding to raise funds to take our system to the next level ---

So I was thinking of using the fund raising module in conjunction with the crowd funding and we are doing a product/services trade for donations and extreme savings --- and call the participants -- Founding members - -with multiple levels --- with different $ contributions --

For instance -- we will have $49, $149, $499, $999, $1999, $4999, $9999, 15999, 19999, 24999 levels --- we are launching city directories in over 50 cities --- and so -- for instance -- I might give a lifetime banner on your page choice for $19,999 or somthing like that -- the high dollar particpants will be entitle to profit sharing etc..

Now I am using pro-sites for the blogging platform upgrades etc..

so with that in mind -- would the membership module work in conjunction with fundraising -- and of course I might give them a lifetime top pro-site access also --

Can I coordinate all that between fund raising, pro-sites, and membership module