Suggestion,You may set a program similar as

Dear Sir.

You may set a program similar as
so your customer's customer could get your customer service.


  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello there @hi999, I hope you're well today!

    I'm afraid this is not something that we plan on doing, at least not for the near future.
    In order for someone to receive our support services, they must pay for our products.
    If for example you pay for our products and you have 100 clients that will be getting support from us, then immediately the cost of the support you're getting costs more that the products you purchased, thus making this service non-viable.
    In order to continue developing and supporting our plugins, this company has to afford paying us, the support staff. And that can't happen if the support per client costs more than the client is paying.

    I hope that clarified it....
    If however you have a solution that would make this a viable solution business-wise, we're all ears!


  • aristath
    • Recruit is a service that simply allows you to organize YOUR support staff.
    It does not provide its own support staff for you... it's pretty different that what we do!
    We take WordPress people and train them to be support staff. charges you $29/month/agent, and all it provides is a backend to organize your crew, nothing more than that!
    I still don't see how this would work for our business model...
    I'm just a staff member here, but I'd be glad to report this to the right people if the suggestion is complete and viable!

    The way this business is setup now, if you purchase our plugins, you are the one that provides support to your clients.
    If your clients ask questions that you can't answer, you can then ask these questions here and we'll help you figure them out, or you can simply get a new paid account for them here and we'll support them directly.


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