Summary cart (paypal chained payment, global cart : OFF)

Hi there, little up : 6 months ago ( !

In any event, like many others in the forums I am creating an Etsy-like network. Taking a % of each sale is critical, therefore, I have not enabled the global shopping cart, so that I can use PayPal chained payments. So far, so good.

Each store in the network will essentially look the same – what will differ is the store owner’s name and products (ala etsy). The main site in my network will be where visitors can browse products from various stores. Therefore, a visitor can add Product X from Store 1, and Product Y from Store 2 to their shopping cart. I need to set it up so that those 2 products from 2 different stores physically appear in a ‘cart’ (really just an indication that those 2 products are being held for checkout) somewhere on the site, say in the sidebar. I want this cart to appear in that same spot regardless of whether that shopper is on the home page of the main site, or on the homepage of any of the network stores. Is this possible through a short code? Or custom code?

Assuming the above is possible, clicking on that ‘cart’ will take them to a checkout page which lists all their products. From there they would have to checkout and pay individually for each product. Is this possible?

I paste this, because my english is bad, and it’s exactly what I need.

I want to know if this feature request is comming soon ?

I think it’s very important to Marketpress, I don’t see the utility of marketpress on multisite without it :

We can’t enable paypal chained payment with global cart and without global cart, users are completly lost because the cart is not update on the global network. So, if user put something on the cart on a X store and then put other thing on the W store, X store Product’s are losts …

Not functionnal, not ergonomic !

Please WPMUdev team, tell me that is comming very soon ! (sorry again for my english.)

PS: I think I forgot the Marketpress tag for this topic, if you can add it …