Summary of needs, and a couple new recommendations

Hi Cole,

Merely for consolidation and to rehash a couple suggestions from a while back that might have been overlooked, here’s my current list of recommendations. Everything looks great right now, minus a couple things, and I’m sure everyone would find great utility in:

1. Zero supporters displays plural label. This is grammatically incorrect.

2. In Fundraiser Panel Widget, give option to display t-minus one, two, three, and four (or beyond) active Fundraisers. This will be particularly useful on a homepage with four Fundraiser Panel widgets displayed horizontally and can dynamically display each of the four soonest-to-end fundraisers. This feature should not display fully-funded or concluded Fundraisers.

3. Shortcode Donate Button text does not seem to match Action Name

4. Make the “none” button visibility an optional toggle on/off in settings. At present, the only way to accomplish this is by commenting in template-functions.php.

5. Make variable pledge amounts an optional toggle on/off in settings. When enabled, the plugin should not display the custom donation label and text field for variable pledge amount. At present, the only way to accomplish this is by commenting in template-functions.php. This recommendation will be useful to users posting fundraisers with goals and only wish to receive pledges of specific amounts.

–> #1 and #2 are very important to me, especially if you wrote the Widget to display as deep as the soonest 100 fundraisers to end. That way, an entire page full of the Fundraiser Panel Widget can self-update, save a lot of time, and reduce errors. I do display four on my index page and it would be super clean and useful to have this feature added to the Widget.

I propose you post your current to-do list with Fundraising so we can all help prioritize, or maybe even post solutions! Please let me know what you think of #2, above, and how likely you are to do it.

I considered also recommending a tabular version of all active fundraisers with buttons/links to pledge, but I’ll get it as far as I can with what we have here and then post my results so you can include (or make fixes to accommodate) it.