Summing up my Membership and some questions


My Membership expires tomorrow and I wanted to sum up my Membership and ask you few questions at the same time. I can't say anything new about WPMU DEV, everything is said in testimonials and I totally agree with each of them. Excellent supports, awesome plugins, nice themes. I have spent this 1 month most effectively on working my project.

Well, I'd just thank you for this perfect community and I'll join you again in nearest future, but now I have to left.

I will list here all questions which I wasn't able to ask you in previous days as I had no time (I was asking other questions :smiley:).

So, here they are. One category refers to Technical issues, second category refers to Translation issues.

If you aren't able to answer to these question till tomorrow, no problem, I will be able to read your answers, but can't reply from tomorrow as Membership expires.

Many thanks.

Now, the list:

Technical issues

- Dashboard Feeds

I have set up Dashboard Feeds correctly and widget in panel shows me this content:

RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: Too many redirections.

I don't know if I am writing this word by word as it is showing me in Georgian, but this is what it says. Anyway, lwidget's title (which I have set in file) appears correctly.

- e-Newsletter, Upgrades and maybe some other plugins

I have updated e-Newsletter (I don't know whether it's caused by update or not, but have just mentioned) and when I go on settings page, all jQuery options are crashed - menus aren't expanded, settings aren't saved (e-Newsletter settings), I can't switch newsletter's settings' tabs and so on.

Same problem on Upgrades plugin. Maybe other plugins cause this error too, I don't know.

- Custom Content Dashboard Widget

Installation instructions say that I have to edit content.php file, which isn't folder. Maybe it's for older version?

I have opened custom-content-dashboard-widget.php and write my content instead of:

<!--- custom content goes here ---> Test

But new widget didn't appear in Dashboard. Moreover - I have created new site and there it didn't appear too.

- How does Affiliate work?

Ok, clicks are automatically saved, but how about sign-ups? I think that browser cache saves info that visitor has clicked on users link and if (s)he decides to register on site, cache automatically will relate this registration to that user. Am I right?

- Global Site Tags

It is displayed yes, but it doesn't show how many posts are related to specific tag, when I keep cursor on tag, it says "recent post(s)" and not "1/2/3...recent post(s)".

Translation issues

See translation issues in my topic (very last post) - (I will post there in 30 minutes).