"Super-Smush" auto selected on activation

basically WP Smush Pro has 3 settings;
"Auto-Smush images on upload"
"Super-Smush images"
"Backup original images"

only the first "Auto-Smush images on upload" seems to be automatically ticked/selected when the plugin is activated.
i would like to also have "Super-Smush images" ticked/selected automatically as well when activated.

- two possible scenarios however :
1 : for use in ProSites (specific to a level). so basically the plugin would only be activated by the admin if desired/required - in other words; NOT network activated.
2 : Network Activated in a multisite (ProSites - free plugin for all levels and automatically activated on site creation).

i am thinking that the solution may be the same for both scenarios but still mentioned the specific usage just for clarity.

- do i add/remove/edit some code in the plugins file(s) ?
- if so will i loose these changed when plugins updates ?

any kind assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.
thanks once again in advance.
BTW. very off topic here but CONGRATS on MarketPress 3.0 release !!!