SUPER URGENT... is it snapshot or something else???

Valued Support-Team,

sorry but we need urgently you kind support. We could access until last night our sub domains (have done some work on aboutme.bestof...)

Left the office...

This morning, login to server: checked first did snapshot it's job. No it didn't (see support request just logged a few minutes ago).

Next: We run the job manually... did not work...
Next: We requested your most valued support...

Next: With the intention to continue our work from the night before we then switched to sub sub domain... oops, blank white screen. We tried to reach out other sub domains... no access either.

Frankly we don't know what cause this trouble, for sure all we did is described above.

Please help getting access to all of our sub domains (in total 23) again.

Thanks a lot in advance.