Superadmin exposure in BuddyPress & security concerns

This question has been asked before in wpmudev more than once but no definitive answer has been given.

I have a multisite with BP and the superadmin name is "Community Manager" but that does not hide the superadmin username (let's call it "xyz123"). Because of this I cannot hide the superadmin's username from the members because it shows up when I author a post or I get a twitter-like mention "@xyz123".

Why is this security issue not built in BP, or at least why isn't there a plugin that hides the superadmin from the member's list.

If I use this plugin I could create an administrator user (not superadmin) and give him the community manager role, and then hide the superadmin from the rest of the users.

You make life much easier for hackers when you expose the superadmin's username.

I'm new to BuddyPress and relatively new to WP, so maybe I'm missing something. Any ideas?