SuperAdmin locked out thanks to Defender

i was surprised to see the message
"You have been locked out due to too many attempts to access a file that doesn’t exist."
I was logged in as SuperAdmin (multisite) on the main site.
all settings were default since the plugin was activated.

Possible reason ;
On thinking back i believe i originally activated the plugin using the built in VPN with Opera web browser.
then i was blocked while using Chrome afterwards.
Therefore, is it possible that the plugin used the ip address as the main whitelist from the VPN when initially activated ?

Even if so there is another strange occurrence - the way the block was triggered.
The block occurred while clicking on images to view them (uploaded via rtmedia - BuddyPress)
so how can a SuperAdmin be blocked from his own site while logged in ?
makes no sense.
i am thinking that BuddyPress does not refresh the page during activity/profile posts so possibly the files/images were seen by Defender as "a file that doesn’t exist." ?
if it can happen to SuperAdmin then it can certainly happen to other logged in users.

so to clarify again exactly when/how it happened ;
i uploaded images using rtmedia ( in BuddyPress member profile) then was clicking on the images to view them and that was when the message appeared.

support access granted if required,
i have since added my ip address to whitelist but as mentioned i fear the same can occur for other users not whitelisted
your kind assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.
kind regards.