Support access for the problem at the post below was

Support access for the problem at the post below was granted more than two days ago, yet no support logins have been made.

I would very much appreciate a response.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Joe,

    I hope you're well today!

    I'm very sorry for the delay here. I can see that @Vinod Dalvi asked you for a support access. It seems he's off at the moment but I've notified him of your inquiry.

    I couldn't also help but notice that you've posted 6 consecutive posts "in a row" in your other thread. Just for future reference: as we all work with multiple members of our community, there's always a minimal queue. We're replying to all these questions in an order - from oldest to newest. Everytime you post something before we replay, the system puts your thread at the end of the queue (as the newest one).

    That being said, I'm closing this thread as a duplicate. @Vinod Dalvi has been notified about this and I'm jumping right in to your original thread just to see what I can do.


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