Support Chat issue


on Firefox I cannot open a chat-window anymore, although cookies are allowed, check:
This appears as soon as I try to start a support chat.
Pls check and fix, thank you :slight_smile:

  • Nahid

    Hey there Sascha ( sushling )!
    Hope you are having a great day!

    I'm sorry to hear about the issue that you encountered. We tried to replicate the issue using the latest version of the Firefox browser in different operating systems and the Live Support Chat worked as expected.

    If you have made sure that cookies are enabled in your browser, could you first try clearing all cache and cookies in it and see if that makes a difference?

    If that doesn't help, could you try disabling all the browser add-ons to make sure none of them are conflicting and causing the issue?

    Hope this helps. We'll be looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks!

    Kind regards,

  • sushling


    sorry for late reply. I have deactivated al extensions, cleared cache & cookies, restarted FF, logged into my WPMUDEV-account and tried to open a support-chat.

    After clicking on "Send" or "Start" NOTHING happened.
    Then I have re-opened the Support-Chat and this time the chat-window has popped up, but again with this message:

    "Cookies are not enabled in your browser. Please enable cookies before starting a chat."

    This is super annoying after writing a proper bug-report, request or whatever - it completely disappears.

    I'm on latest FF 61.0.1 on Macbook with 10.11 (El Capitan) … I will definitely not switch to Chrome, but to Safari.

    However, FF is actually my preferred browser, only for the reason that they are worth being supported against the other the internet-giants :wink: Too bad that I cannot use it fpr my WPMUDEV account.

    By the way: Login to my WPMUDEV-account using my 1Password-Manager with keyboard-shortcuts is not working and really annoying too, regardless of the browser. I have reported many months ago, any other facing cumbersome usability with password-manager (using keyboard shortcuts) during login?


  • Nastia

    Hello Sascha

    Hope all is well!

    I've tested our chat with the latest FireFox and El Capitan and could not reproduce this issue. Would you please let us know if the same message shows up in Incognito browser?

    Please make sure the following preferences are selected on your end:
    - In your top toolbar, click on Firefox and select Preferences.
    - Click Privacy & Security.
    - Under History select the options in the dropdown to manage cookies.

    Let us know how it went!

    I've asked from our developers to have a closer look with 1Password-Manager issue. We will follow back once we have an update.

    Kind regards,

  • Baldafrican

    Not to hijack this thread but rather to offer more info and say this happens to me too but on a different browser.

    This is super annoying after writing a proper bug-report, request or whatever - it completely disappears.

    I experience this on Chrome(Version 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)) where I too type out the whole message and when I click to connect to chat it all disappears and then I have to go through the process again.

  • sushling

    Hello and good day to you all

    First of all I'd like to say "Thank you" for fixing the login-issue I used to have with 1Password!

    The issue with Firefox though is still not solved. I have checked Cookies settings and deleted yours completely, then logged-in again and faced the same issues.

    Then I restarted FF in "safe-mode" (without any addons) and performed the FF-internal-cleaning. Then logged in here again, fired the chat but still received "Cookies are not enabled in your browser. Please enable cookies before starting a chat."

    Any other idea about how to dig deeper for successful troubleshooting?

    Thank you and kind regards,

  • Dimitris

    Hello there Baldafrican,
    in your case, using Chrome, did you also get a message about browser cookies? Or chat window never came up, after pre-chat survey popup? Please advise!

    Dear sushling,
    I'm glad that you can use 1Password without any hustle now! :slight_smile:
    I'm going to perform some more tests on this and contact the lead developer of our site about it, hopefully we will be able to locate something, even though I wasn't able to replicate such state when I tested it in the past (using latest versions of macOS, Firefox and Chrome).

    We'll keep you posted here, as soon as we've got some valuable insights!
    Thank you,

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