Support chat not working

This the Support chat that paul is hosting at 10am EST. I see hi in there but it does not let me type any thing; i can copy and paste to the text area, but it does not send. Thank You! Mark Wall

  • Mark Wallace
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    I Notice there is no CVS file option for the classifieds plugin. I am using a multisite instal and have created sites for all of the counties in the USA. Could i create all the categories and subcategories in one site; then copy and paste that plugin into the other sites via the srever database, or is there an easier way. Than You!

  • 3SixtyEvolve
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    Hi Mtb1701

    Thank you for your posts. First of all, before we continue, I would like to very humbly ask if you can open a new post for your question about the Classifieds Plugin. Reason for this is that your posts are not related and in order to keep topics together and get the right support we need to keep your posts separate.

    I appreciate your cooperation :slight_smile:

    Now with regards to the Live Chat. Please confirm what browser you were using. I believe you were there at the right time, so you should be able to post to the Live Chat. We will need to investigate further once we know what browser you were using.

    Talk soon again. And I will look out for your Classifieds post (thank you!) to assist with this too.


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