Support FAQs - Where are they?


In advance, please understand that I've lost my patience trying to find the FAQs I created.

What The Fish is it with this plugin?

The page

makes 33 references to the word FAQ and says, "Now it’s time to see how your users can submit their support questions and view your FAQs. "


"Once you’re in the wp-admin of your test site (or as your test user on a single site), head on down to Support > FAQ. "

There is NO Support > FAQ

There is only

- Support
- Ticket Categories
- FAQ Manager
- FAQ Categories
- Settings

The page also says, "Note that frontend features currently only allow frontend access to support tickets. Frontend access to your FAQs will be included in a future update to the plugin."

So why do I make FAQs? And how do users see them if there's no front end for them?

The page also says, "Here’s what the FAQ section looks like:" And it shows an illustration of what the presumed FAQ page looks like, with tabs, and Yes/No voting buttons--but where is it? Do I link customers to the URL above so they can see what the FAQ is supposed to look like?

The page says, "Now it’s time to see how your users can submit their support questions and view your FAQs." But it NEVER tells HOW customers can view the FAQs! And as noted earlier--it never tells WHERE the FAQs can be viewed.

At the end of the page it says, "Loads of Features for Top-tier Support," and under that it says, "Create an FAQ area where users can find and vote on existing answers."

Really? How can they vote for answers on a non-existent FAQ page?!

Come on... it would be nice to install a WPMUDEV plugin, read the user tab on its page, and not need to create a help ticket to find out how to use the plugin.

Thank you for your help and for having this support system. I often don't know what I would do without this support system.

For the record, I often end up using other free or premium plugins because they're easier to use, and easier to *intuitively* figure out how they work. I really, really wish more WPMUDEV plugins were intuitive. Not even "more" intuitive--just intuitive would be good. And I never use any themes. It's 2015 and WPMUDEV has no responsive themes. Every website I build for clients, myself, family and friends is responsive. 50% of internet users are on mobile devices. It's not a secret, and it's been growing since 2001 when I remember the first phones I saw that could show web pages.

Sorry, I'm frustrated as hell, because I need to make a ticket instead of using the plugin, and getting more work done on the site.