Support for my WPMU

Need some guidance. Setting up a niche blogger / service with service levels and such. free members will have access to support forums and resources (ie. videos / faqs / walkthroughs) and paid members will have that plus email support.

Email Support, this scares me a bit.

How have people handled this in the past?
Are there any resources available to operators of a wpmu site that help?
At what point does it become a full time job?
At that point where do you find people to do it?

OMG the more i think about it the more worried I am.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Mason

    Hiya rpawly,

    All good questions.

    You could use our Support System plugin (new alpha version) here:

    It'd be a great way to get started. I thought it had integration with Supporter, but if not it could be added easily (and should be, so +1 from me if it doesn't).

    Users can open a ticket for support which send you an email. It's great for them as they can ask for support directly from their admin and you can respond to individual requests from admin as well.

    As far as the load of email, you'll need to monitor the time you take responding to requests and weigh that against the cost of paying someone to do it. Initially you may be able to handle it on your own and if the requests go to high and you don't have money to pay someone - well, then you gotta raise your prices.

    It's definitely a tricky balance to achieve. One final note is that the Support System plugin also would allow you to create multiple profiles for moderators to respond to the questions should you need.

    Worth a look. Anyone else have an idea or pointer on this one?


  • rpawly

    are there services out there that take of this type of thing?

    can you confirm the integration with supporter?

    I suppose if you really loaded up the site with the self help stuff, you could cut down on emails, but there will always be people that refuse to RTFM and will send a email over something silly, but then you just have to direct them to the appropriate location of the information.

    Are there any pdfs of the wordpress help system or has someone created something thats not copyrighted? Or can i rip help and redo for myself? ............ Suggestions?

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