Support here is kinda weak…final attempt before requesting refund

“every multisite plugin you’ll ever need, guaranteed…”

“WPMU DEV members get direct access to the most experienced WordPress team on the planet”

these are the two main reasons I signed up for this site. since signing up, and spending my hard earned $80, i have had hardly any questions answered in depth. i know, $80, it’s not much…but times are VERY tough right now…i signed up to this site bc i thought it would help in the long run. so far i’ve only gotten the runaround. i get a response, sure. but it’s typically “that’s going to require a lot of customization” or “buddypress can’t do this because…” with no real SOLUTION. i have asked the same question in probably five + different ways on this site…trying to get an answer…or someone who is willing to help. i can’t get solid support from anyone…just very vague, one post responses that do hardly anything if anything at all. my final attempt at trying to get this issue resolved is posted here: