Support, I have a new install with BuddyPress

Hi Support,

I have a new install with BuddyPress and the Branding plugins.

I am attempting to test all possible settings of the admin bar and how people log-in.

Areas of intrest:
Settings>Buddypress>Settings> Show the Toolbar for logged out users
Branding>Admin bar>Disable WordPress menu items

After testing each option, I have noticed that when I set buddypress to hide admin bar for logged out users, it also hides it for logged-in user as well.

The other thing is (related) when I enable the admin bar to show for logged-out users, when logged-in the admin bar appears as if your not logged-in.

My guess is the functionality that checks if your logged-in is not working for the admin bar. (etc. changing the text from "Log in | Register" & Displaying the Admin bar for logged-in users when hidden)

My first test run with multisite did as it was suppose to, not sure what I can do at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciative.

Thank you,