Support please. Subscribe by email customisation

HI there, I really need you to help me out I have asked twice before with no follow up to my dilemma. I like your pluggins and intend to use popup pro and mail chimp integration. I was attracted to your company due to the great support you boast about. However the support I have received has been lame at best. Please help me out here. Isn’t this what I have paid for then I can move forward and start implementing popup pro and mail chimp integration!

Subscribe by email does not send emails when I make blog updates. Though this is not such a big deal as I am intending to use your follow button just to grab peoples emails so I can use them later in mailchimp.

I want to change the colour of the “follow this blog” text as it is white and unreadable. I also want to change the content of the text.

I would also like to use my own html email template in the confirmation email.

Could you please help me achieve this it would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry to have a rant but I need to get this done.

Kind regards,