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I want to search for all items related to MarketPress plugin, but only those appearing recently. For example, I only want to see results from the last three months related to MarketPress. That way, the results will more often deal with the most recent plugin version rather than older ones.
I do try to search what others have asked and you have answered when I have a question or problem, and I've found some useful tips that way. But often the resulting dataset of potential solutions is too large to comb through and the most recent don't appear first.
Any way to use boolean operators when searching? If so, what is the syntax for the example I gave in the first paragraph above?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey, Andy! The easiest way to search the forums by date will be to use our friend Google. Phrase your search term like so: [keywords] (Skip the brackets around your keywords, those are just for show in my example.) Our site search is good, but if you'd like to use a specific date range, Google will be more accurate than we will.

    As for documentation, we're working hard on having an updated usage doc ready, we've had some staffing changes, and have just assigned a docs team leader. i don't have an exact ETA for when it will be ready, but I know it's being worked on right now.

    Thanks for your questions!

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