"support system" acting crazy if short codes are on same page


basically the plugin was not allowing me to add categories or faq and the faq on the front end was messed up visually.

after trouble shooting i realised it was when i used the “submit new ticket” and “faq” short codes on the same page. when i did this i also correctly selected the same page for both in admin settings.

so basically is this allowed ?

i.e. can i use two short codes on the same page or does each have to be on separate pages ?

the reason i ask is this ;

two of the most popular ticketing systems, “SmarterTrack” and “Kayako” both employ faq’s when a user is submitting a ticket. some even do it dynamically by suggesting faq’s or topics based on words the user is typing.

the idea is two fold ;

allow the user to quickly and easily find answers as well as reduce support requests.

if it is allowed however then its either a bug or something wrong with my set up.

“support access” granted if required.

your kind assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.

thanks once again in advance.