Support System email includes encoded HTML entities?

My support ticket emails contain encoded HTML entities - is there a way to have the plugin either strip these out, or send working HTML emails?


	     Begin Ticket Message

	user said:

	message goes here

	      End Ticket Message

update - doh. looks like the forum is fixing the characters... imagine & lt; etc...

  • D'Arcy Norman
    • Flash Drive

    for now, I've just modified my incsub-support/incsub-support-tickets.php file on line 16 to just dump the raw message. It's not safe, nor sane, but it works (and I trust my users enough to not lose sleep over removing the sanity check in order to get emails that everyone can read).

    here's the line as in the plugin:
    $message = wp_specialchars(wpautop(strip_tags($_POST['message'])));

    and here's what I modified it to, in order to get non-html-entity-stuffed emails:
    $message = $_POST['message'];

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