Support System instructions for dummies

I like the install instructions for the avatars plug in. There is no doubt where everything goes.

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Isn't there a readme file included with the download? Should be install instructions within the file. I seem to remember line by line instructions that said "Put this file in this directory, put this next file in this directory, etc."

  • daansys
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    These are the instructions, and I am using a single data base, so I skip to step 3, once I know where to put the unzipped files. 1)Just is quite enough info for me.

    Thanks for answering

    1) Place the files in the specified, corresponding directory. Creating
    the directory if it doesn't exists.
    2) If you're not running our Premium Multiple Databases plugin, skip to
    step 3.

    Add the following to your db-config.php file, or wherever you are
    declaring your global tables.


    3) Visit Site Admin -> FAQ Manager, and Site Admin -> Support Ticket Manager
    so that the required tables auto install. If it does not create 5 new
    tables, see the sql.txt file in this package for MySQL queries you
    can run.

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