Support System + Integrated Video Tutorials = shortcode not working

Hello – I started to play around with the Support System Plugin today. My goal was to integrate the Video Tutorials into the FAQ.

I set up the plugin with no issue. I then created a new category called “The WordPress Dashboard”.

Then I created a simple question “What is the WordPress Dashboard?”. In the content section I added a short sentence and then dropped in the shortcode linking to the Video Tutorial. I did this in the html mode.

As you can see in the first screen shot – the shortcode is not read and comes across ‘flat’.

When I go back to edit the content box (html mode) I see the content in the second screen shot.

Finally I went back in and adjusted the html code to what you see in the third screen shot. After I hit the “update” button the html is back to what is being shown in the third screen shot.

Not sure what I am doing wrong. Can shotcodes be added to the Support System FAQ?

Any help would be appreciated. If I missed a post on this topic I apologize – please just point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

Thanks – Scott