"support system" integration with website contact form


If a logged in user sends an email through a typical contact form on the front end of the main multisite, can this be synced/integrated with the "support system" plugin ?

Wether a main website uses the "support system" plugin or not, they would most undoubtedly have a contact form. This is standard and necessary. Therefore the idea being, if a user sends a question through the website, their support requests could still be tracked and recorded in their own support portal ("support system" plugin).
If not, new and novice users would have to use the typical contact form on the main website or read though a tutorial and learn how to use the "support system" plugin in their dashboard.

I believe WHMCS refers to this as "email piping", allowing you to automatically route all incoming emails into the ticket desk supporting both new emails & replies.

Any kind assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,