Support system: managing and organizing multilingual tickets


The Support system plug-in is great and it looks like everything can be translated, even the categories! Thank you!

Ok, but now imagine we are getting every day 100 tickets in 15 different languages. It should be possible to separate these tickets per language to make the life of the support team easier.

At the moment a category can be translated in several languages. Ok, but it is always a UNIQUE category. That means that in the back-end the support team will only see ONE "General questions" category containing several tickets in 15 different languages. Ouch!

A solution could be to create distinct categories for each language and only show (in the add ticket submit form) the categories set in english to english speaking end-users, the categories in french for french speaking end users, etc. But I think this solution would be a little complex to implement.

So here is a simplier solution I would like to suggest:

Could you add a hidden field in the "add ticket" form which would automatically get the language of the user? In the "Support Ticket Management" back-end we would then have an additional column named "Language":

Ticket ID // Subject // Status // Priority // Staff Member // Last Updated // Language

This would really help managing and organizing the multilingual tickets.