[Support System] Massive Page Size (Bandwidth + Page Speed Issues) on WP Admin Side

I am currently preparing my FAQs on localhost. Once finished I will upload them to the live production site. I am experiencing a number of issues related to Page Size (Bandwidth + Page Speed).

My FAQs are designed for novice users and therefore are very basic in nature and so are long with plenty of screenshots (of course the images have been run through SmushPro and appropriate size selected in the Editor).

The issues:
1) The FAQs are all loaded on one 1 page using tabs (wp-admin/admin.php?page=support-faq). Therefore all FAQs are loaded in one go, even though the user will probably only read 1 or 2 FAQs at a time. Is there something that can be done about this? Seems like it hasn't been very well thought through.

2) Each FAQ is within an accordion and all are closed by default. However, once you have opened one, you cannot close it without scrolling down and clicking on the next accordion element. This is OK if the FAQs are very short, but if they are a bit longer such as an when using an ordered list, bullet points or screenshots it can be very annoying. This would be better if they were fully togglable so you can simply click again to close.

In particular we are struggling with the first point. Can the developers fix this and can you recommend a temporary solution in the mean time?

Thank you for any insight / help you can provide.