[Support System] Necessary Improvement Slow Loading, Massive Page Size and Bandwidth

Firstly thank you for making the Support System plugin. It offers some really important features to manage support requests :slight_smile:.

However, I am having a love hate relationship with it :slight_frown:. The main issue with it is the FAQ Manager. While most users only view 1 or 2 FAQs at a time, the plugin loads all of the FAQs on one single page. This is especially a problem in the WP Admin side (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=support-faq) where we want to use it, although the frontend isn’t much better.

This leads to a HUGE page size, making it slow, and requires a lot of unnecessary bandwidth. We currently only have a handful of FAQs, but already this is causing an issue.

It’s also misleading because the plugin advertises a “Fully Functional Text Editor”. But if you make use of it then the FAQ page (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=support-faq) becomes to large and bulky due to everything being on 1 page. We use lots of Photos (optimised with SmushPro and correct size chosen in the Editor) as the user base are novices and need easy to follow steps.


Separate each FAQ into its own page. If 1 page with all FAQs on is desired, or 1 page showing all FAQs within a category is desired, then this could still be achieved by simply showing a small excerpt from each individual FAQ page. Excluding the images of course. Then the user could click a read more link / button to view the individual FAQ page and in doing so see the whole FAQ plus all its images. Kind of like a standard WP Posts page listing all blog post. This could even still remain within the Accordion elements for easier access.

Please consider this as it is a wonderful and much needed plugin which is currently just a little rough around the edges. But failing this fix would force us to have to consider other plugins from other sources :disappointed:.