Support System Needs Additional Features & Question On Login

There are things I love about this plugin, but some key features seem to be missing which I know i have been mentioned before:

1. Front End Viewing
It seems quite weird that the FAQs cannot be viewed from the front end. Almost defeats the purpose of them, as you want FAQs so that you reduce the number of support tickets.

2. Assigning Tickets
Again, seems like a major piece that you can only assign tickets to admin. Most larger sites/organizations don't want to give everyone admin access, but different departments would handle different support.

Aside from that, I also have a question. Right now, users are directed to 'log in' to submit a ticket. Is there a way to change where that login is redirected to? I would rather redirec them to a front end registration form that I already have on the site.

It would be great to get an idea of timeline for when those features will be added. I need to implement a system soon and would like to use this, but can't in it's current state.