Support System plugin: ability to add multiple email addresses based on category chosen

I was hoping to be able to use the Support System plugin on our site, but we need to send the notification to different people depending on the category chosen for the ticket. When this wasn’t available I thought I could set up filters in the webmail interface of the main support email to forward to different people based on the category chosen, but that category doesn’t seem to come out in the notification email at all, so that doesn’t work either.

Also, even though it looks from the interface like I should be able to assign tickets to people, I can’t. I’m the 1st super admin of the site, but there is another. I can’t assign anything to him. When I look at a ticket there is a drop down list where I can take responsibility for a ticket, but there are no other options – so I can’t assign that ticket to someone else.

Is it possible to get these features added?