support system + supporter + premium support merge + multi asupport staff selection

Hi !

This little ticket support system rocks.

It would be interesting to have au supporter option in it to "prioritise" the tickets, something that could mention "supporter ticket" and put it on top of list.

Mails support is not really good, since only one person can catch the mails.

Moreover, I noticed the support system is in Superadmin menu.

That would be quite necessary to have, as in moderation plugin, the possibility to add any user as support staff member even if he is not admin.

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Supporter is for blogs, not people. :slight_smile:

    Having said that, I;m sure there's some way to check against which blog is making the request, check it against is_supporter and then add your note to the ticket.

    Not in a position to check right now (on battery and off to bloodwork in a bit) but if no one else gets a chance, I'll take a skim later today.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    I'd add that if they are supporters you could have a special support forum for members of those blogs to access and get support from as opposed to the email ticketing system for non-supporting blogs.

    As it is, you'd need a custom solution at this point like what drmike mentioned to bring this about.

  • Aphrodite
    • The Reaper

    iwas just thinking. The solution "forum" does not really fit for a supporter. He need some more direct access.

    the solution to recognize "is_supporter" is good, just the mention in the support system is enough to pay a little more attention to the ticket :slight_smile:

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