[Support System] Ticket ID Reference required for tickets

We would like to request that all tickets are given a unique reference number of our choosing.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Richard

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Currently, that's not possible with Support System plugin. Tickets are given their own IDs but those are just consecutive numbers automatically assigned by the database. I think that it might be possible to display those IDs in back/front-end with some additional snippet of code but I suppose that's not a solution that you need.

    You would want that to be "any string" that you put there when editing the ticket, right? That should be added by admin, not by a person who creates a ticket (a customer)?

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Richard

    The IDs are not being displayed. They are there and like I mentioned they are automatically created by the database, in the database. But to display them in backend some changes would be necessary in plugin's code.

    Please note: any changes in core files of any plugin are a risk as they might cause some unexpected/unpredictable issues and also would be lost upon plugin changes (they would have to be re-applied upon each update).

    That being said, I have attached a zip file to this post for you. The file contains tweaked core files of the Support System plugin. After applying them, you should see an additional column called "Ticket ID" on "Support -> Support" page (on ticket list).

    The column is not sortable (clickable) but you can search by that ID using the search box on the page. Please note though: the search might also bring back additional tickets if they do include the number in the title and that number is equal to ID of the ticket that you search for. For example: there's a ticket titled "Something" of an ID = 102 and the ticket titled "102 questions" of an ID = 444; you put 102 number in search to find the 'Somthing" ticket but it will bring back both of them.

    However, the Ticket ID is displayed so it should be relatively easy to identify the correct one.

    Anyway, to apply these changes to the site you will need to replace to files on server.

    The "ticket.php" file from zip archive should go to the "/wp-content/plugins/incsub-support/inc/helpers/" folder

    The "class-table-tickets.php" file should go to the "/wp-content/plugins/incsub-support/admin/inc/" folder

    Once these files are uploaded there (replacing original ones, but please take copies of originals just in case) you should see the changes in action in site's back-end.

    I have also included a text file "changes.txt" there so you would know what exact changes were made to the code.

    Kind regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Peter Barrett

    I am wondering if this will work for both ticket ID and names? I would like to be able to search tickets by ID or by submitter name.

    No, it's only for "by ID" search and I'm afraid further modification to provide such search "by submitter name" would be more complex as it would require additional search code - the relationship between "author" and the "ticket' is maintained by the user ID so whenever you'd put the name in the search box it would have to not only search through thickets but also do a search on a user accounts for that same phrase and if it finds matching user name it would then have to get users ID and then "ditch" the current search results of tickets and to another query instead for tickets created by the user of that ID. That is possible to achieve but would require even more serious changes in the plugin's code and additional code for that search also. I'm afraid such custom development would be a bit outside the scope of this forum.

    If you need it urgently, you might want to consider posting a job request for example at Codeable.io for which you can also grab a nice discount at our Partners page here:


    Best regards,

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