Support System - Ticket Submission from Page or Widget?

I've been searching around and haven't found an answer to this. Is it possible to...

1. Embed a ticket submission form in a page/post?
This is done with the WATS plugin found here, and it's a must-have feature for my client's use.

2. Add a ticket submission form widget?

Also, can someone point me to some further explanation of how the Support System plugin deals with users? Maybe my use case and setup will help to explain my questions and the answers I'm seeking.

The site is MU and it's primarily a support site. I am using SimplePress forums and that handles user signup between the forums and WP beautifully. My client would like to add a support ticket system into this setup in addition to the forums (there is a way to add support ticket-type subjects to forum posts, but they'd rather have a dedicated support ticket system). My thought is that if the above features were available in the Support System plugin, then I would accomplish what's needed.

I suppose it would work like this. A registered user could submit a ticket from a dedicated "submit support ticket" page....or the same through a sidebar widget. A non-registered user could also choose to submit, but they would be redirected to a user signup page first, then back to the support ticket submission page.

Can anyone share some thoughts on how I may accomplish this or if these features would be applicable to a future version of the support system plugin? Thanks for your time.