Support System ticketing plugin - can it send tickets to a centralised system

Can I install the Support System on multiple client sites but have the tickets administered from a single site? logs a ticket, ticket is sent to me at my own site logs a ticket, ticket is sent to me at my own site

or - do I have to install it at my own site and direct users there to log a ticket?


Craig R.

  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey there @carder, hope you're well today!

    Administering tickets from a single site while having the plugin installed on multiple sites is not something that is possible out of the box.

    Since this is an interesting idea I'll put this in features and feedback and if enough people show interest in this we might consider adding it in one of the future versions of the plugin.

    Best regards,

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Hannah Jacka, are you referring to our Support System plugin and using that for your clients to send support tickets to you?

    You can use that plugin for clients to send you support tickets :slight_smile: but on a Multisite environment, it still requires that the person who replies on the tickets is a super admin.

    With that said, based on your reply it sounds like you may be wanting your clients to send their questions directly to us? So nothing to do with the Support System plugin mentioned above?

    If that is the case, we don't currently offer support directly to members clients. They would need to get their own WPMU DEV membership if they wanted to use our support services.

    Let us know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:


  • Fulvio

    Since 2014 I hoped to see a centralized solution!
    I have to manage a lot of websites for different clients so not all the websites are on one multiste
    I tested this plugin but sadly is useless ! I cant login on each website to manage the tickets!!

    We should have a centralized management of all tickets !
    So the support person would access a dashboard where he/she could see all the request !

    You didn't think about that ??

    The idea to have the centralized solution on this website is good, but another great solution could be to have the centralized solution on one website (lets say the website of my company) and a plugin on every other website could send the informations to the main one

    It's sad, because you have some plugins great and other ones like this one that are not a complete solution, so at the end we need to use other plugins, when I would love to work mainly with wpmudev

  • jetmac

    I absolutely second this. +1000

    I would love to install something on client sites that allows them to send me support tickets that show up in my own central business website. This is especially relevant given the state of SSL today and the difficulties of setting subdomains protected. It's much easier to have client sites on their own and manage them through the Hub here at WMPU.

    If help tickets from managed sites could come to my hub dashboard, that would be excellent. If not, having them go to my own business website would also be good.

    Nevertheless, a way to provide a help ticket service to external client websites would be highly valuable.

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