Support System - User admin privileges too broad?

Using WP multisite 3.1.2 with bp 1.2.8 and support system 1.5.8

Here's the issue

User Admins, can alter support categories & FAQs - add, edit and delete them

Why give user admins this much access?

Shouldn't these Categories and FAQs be set by the Network Admin alone? If I go through the effort of creating FAQs I don't want them altered by any random user admin.

i re-read the description of the plugin (quoted below) and it didn't say anything about FAQs being a 'Wiki' area:

"Users can view the FAQ, and also vote (yes or no) whether the question helped them or not."

"For management, you can add categories, then add some questions and answers. It's as simple as that."

I understood 'users' to be people who create sites on my network and 'management' to be me.

It does not seem productive to have support categories & FAQ constantly & continuously altered by anyone who happens to be a site admin. The idea of that is discomforting at least to me.

Is there away that i can alter the code to change this?

Lastly, I'm having a problem with FAQs only partially updating. The question title updates by the body of the question does not. I get the following error message: 'Something happened, and nothing was updated. Check your error logs.'