support tickets and faqs not saving in global db

I installed the support system on my local install and it works fine but when I put the files on my live server (after adding the tables as global to the db-config.php) it saves the categories but the global tables haven't been updated with any values so i guess it's saving it to some random table (I checked _c4 table for wp_1_ but not there).

is there a way to find out which of my 256 databases have the support and faq tables ?

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    I added all the tables to the db-config.php before I installed it.

    I found the tables with SELECT * FROM information_schema.tables WHERE TABLE_NAME LIKE '%support_faq%';
    they were created in _d4
    I deleted them and visited the faq manager again but it just creates the tables in d4 again.

    I deleted them and imported the ones on my local server to _global and visited the admin page again but it still wont read from the global table.

    what options can I remove so I can start again from scratch so my WP doesn't know it was installed?

    [edit] ok, I think it's working now. I deleted the _d4 tables and imported the ones from my local _global to the live server and edited the db-config.php because, in the install.txt file of the latest support plugin, it uses


    I figured they should use support instead of system

    I changed them and it all seems to play nicely, maybe I got a funny zip file so my install.txt was gremlinned :wink:


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