Support tickets (like this one) don't work properly

When I open a support ticket, I am able to ask the question properly. When a WPMU staffer answers the question, it shows up properly.

From there forward, the system falls apart.

When the staffers response to my initial question requires a response from me, I cannot give one since there is no reply box to reply in. Sometimes, the page is simply blank below the staffers response, and sometimes, there is a nice pretty graphic inviting me to become a WPMU member (which, you will note, I already am.).

Note: I had to nice pretty screenshots, one with the blank area and the other with the membership invitation graphic to send you, but you cannot attach files when writing the initial question, like this.

As of now, if I need to respond back (which I usually do, and probably will this time), I have to formulate my response, put it in an email and send it to my partner halfway across the country, he has to use my login information (since it's my account) and send you a response.

Oh yeah… It works fine for him.

I have theWPMU dashboard installed on 4 different sites, and this happens across all of them.

Before you ask (since I won't be able to answer easily). I have:

1. Cleared my browser cache… Several times.
2. Reinstalled the dashboard on all 4 sites, with no improvement from any of them.
3. Done a very thorough cleaning on my computer. 3 times in the last week, 2 of them leading off with a boot level scan.

This problem has just cropped up within the last week to week and a half.