Supporter 2.x versus Upgrades Plugin (again)

Howdy humans,

The new Supporters plug-in really is outstanding! Thanks for the great work.

I’m wondering if you could add the amazon payment features to the Upgrades plug-in?

Also, like several other posts I’ve read on here, I too need a multi-plug-in/ multilevel solution. I’ve read Dr. Mike’s and others’ pointers and I’ve been playing with the Upgrades plugin all weekend with a low level of success.

Unfortunately I’m finding the support documentation on the Upgrades plugin is very thin and so widely dispersed across multiple forum threads that I spend more time searching for than actually working. I’m wondering:

Would it be possible to create a sticky with all the various tips and edits in one spot?

Could we see some screenshots? Sometimes I see that different posts are using different terminology to describe the same things, which makes it hard for the slower types (me) to follow.

Finally, I’m wondering if we might be able to set-up an exchange where we could trade upgrade "Premium-ized" plug-ins that others have already editted rather than each of us have to re-invent the wheel?

Thanks to all.